What is a Bug out Bag – Things You Need to Know to Survive

What is a Bug out Bag – Things You Need to Know to Survive

Bugging out is the act of abandoning your home due to an emergency situation, whether it is caused by man or a natural disaster. So, what is a bug out bag you might ask? Well, it is a pre-prepared survival kit that is designed to keep you alive throughout your journey towards safety. It is a self-contained bag that can get you through a minimum of 72 hours. It is also known as an EVAC bag, battle bag, and a 72-hour bag.

Evacuating your home because of an imminent and sudden threat is a reality that people face today. You’ll never know when natural disasters such as storms, floods, volcanic explosions, earthquakes or hurricanes can strike. And when they do, they wreak havoc on homes, roads, and resource supply chains such as water, electricity, fuel and food. When you are unprepared, you’ll be relying on hand-outs and live in makeshift shelters.

What is a bug out bag for? Well, you can’t control the force of nature, but you can be prepared to deal with a disaster. And that’ where the bug out bag comes in, It is your number one resource that allows you to independently survive after the disaster.

What is a Bug Out Bag Made Out Of?

There are several things that you need to have inside your bug out bag. The first one is water. It is recommended to have at least three liters of water. It should be stored in two to three durable containers with at least one of them the collapsible type so that it decreases the bulk as water is used. A military canteen is another good choice because you can use it boil water for drinking when your supply runs out.

Eating three meals a day is not an option when you are in survival mode. But that doesn’t mean you should skip eating. Your bug out bag must have easy to prepare meals such as canned beans and meat. You can also bring candy bars and energy bars to give you energy.

Shelter is something that you should also consider when packing your bug out bag. You can choose between a military poncho and reflective emergency survival blanket. A tent will be too bulky to earn space in your survival bag. You should also have a sleeping bag that will make it bearable to sleep in the outdoors.

Making fire is one of the skills that you need to learn to survive. And your bug out bag must include waterproof matches, lighters, or a flint. You should also have tinder to initialize your flame.

You should also have a first aid kit in your bug out bag. You can buy a pre-made one or create one from scratch. It must have adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, butterfly closure bandages, and gauze dressing.

These are just of the things that should be included in your survival bag. Now that you know what a bug out bag is and its importance you should consider packing one today. It is something that can help you survive when disaster strikes your home.