Preparing for natural accidents during camping or hiking

Natural accidents or disaster is a phenomenon that can cause monumental loss of lives and properties. Having a properly packed survival kit can improve your chances of surviving such disasters.

We need to be prepared before it occurs in other to avoid too much collateral loss or damage. Those who camp or hike are more exposed to the dangers of natural disasters because they are far from help and assistance when such incidence occurs.

You have to put together basic survival kit ideas for your camping or hiking in case of volcanic eruption, earthquake, and drastic change in weather or natural disaster. You need to prepare for the worst things when you are out to hike or camp. Your survival kit ideas should contain items or great help I time of needs.

For better preparation, you need to take at least four days for preparation. You need to get non-perishable food items, clothes, maps, first aid box, touch lights, waterproof clothes or bags and most essentially water. These items should be able to last you for at least eight days for maximum preparation.

It is not the hope of anyone to experience disasters when camping or hiking, let’s see how we can best prepare survival kit ideas for your camping or hiking.

1. One time use item or reuse item; you will need to go out with either a one time use items or reuse items. One time use which is advisable to be used during critical times, you will dispose of any item you use while camping or hiking. A reuse item can be used more than once in your adventure. You will need these items in your survival kit.

2. Go light; it is advisable to travel light when going for a hike or camp. Loads are an extra burden on you. Only carry what you need for the camping or hiking.

3. Shelter; this is very important to cover you from the sun and especially rain. This can be done as a tent or tube tent. It should be light in weight, foldable and tough. You will need ropes and sticks to make a firm structure for your survival.

4. Bed; you will need bedding for warmth since you are outside the comfort of your home. Your camp bed should retain heat, be flat, foldable and lightweight. It should be easily dried when wet. Just get something that it nice and easy to couple during emergencies in your survival kit.

5. Food; it is advisable to carry non-perishable food items to camp to avoid a shortage. Go with enough energy foods like the grains, nuts and milk so you will have a nice camping experience.

6. Water; this is essential as it is needed for body metabolism to release energy for your camping or hiking activities. It will refresh you in a time of stress. You should have enough water in your survival kit to avoid instances of water shortage when it is most needed. Water purification tablets should be carried alongside to purify river or natural water supplies before use. Water is a life saver.

7. First aid box; a light first aid box is okay for your camping or hiking. The first aid box should contain some aspirin, disinfectants, gauze, antibiotics, lubricants, oil, and balm. You do not need too much in the box to avoid too much weight. This will help take care of emergency situations.

8. Local maps; this is very important to know your location and the best route to take when hiking. It helps to know dangerous areas or prohibited places in the area. With maps, you can reduce your exposure to eminent dangers. You should also take out time to learn how to use a map.

9. Flashlights; this is very important especially during the night to aid vision. Durable touch lights and extra batteries for security purposes.

10. Cell phone and solar chargers; this will help you to communicate with the outside world. You can pass your experience to anyone and share your adventures online for people to see. It is also good to go with solar charges in order to keep your phone on at all times.

As we all know that natural disaster can occur anytime without warning. It is therefore expedient that we make adequate preparations in cases of emergency. Our survival kits ideas should be filled with the necessary tools to keep us safe until help comes.