Wilderness Survival Gear – Essential Tools for Your Outdoor Needs

A lot of outdoor enthusiasts love to go through their wilderness survival gear list to ensure that they have everything they need while spending some time in the outdoors. Most of the items in their list were chosen not to make their time in the outdoors more comfortable, but to keep them alive.

There are thousands of wilderness survival gear items on the market today. And it will be hard to choose which among them is essential. To help you with your decision, below are some of the best survivals tools that will help you survive in the wilderness.

High-Calorie Protein Bars

Fishing, hunting, or hiking can be making you burn a lot of calories in no time. The calories you burn will make you feel exhausted in no time. To help you gain energy back, you should pack some high-calorie protein bars. They can provide the energy you need to survive in the wilderness.


Another essential tool you’ll need to survive outdoors is a knife. It has many uses in the wilderness. And if you find yourself in a survival situation, then your chances of survival will improve if you have a knife in your bag. Fixed knifes are recommended because they are more resilient and durable compared to folding ones. They can also perform better when cutting large objects. Folding knives are more suitable as backup, and for less demanding tasks.

Life Straw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw is one of the ingenious inventions in recent years. It allows you to drink straight from streams or puddles without worrying about the risks involved with it. That’s why it should be one of the wilderness survival gears in your pack. The best thing about it is that it is affordable.

Butane Torch

While any good lighter can help start a fire, emergency situations require you to get a fire going as soon as possible. And during cold or wet weather conditions, the best tool to have in your wilderness survival gear is a butane torch. It will save you time on fire starting, which can be the difference between surviving and dying in the outdoors.

Cell Phone

A cell phone can save your life in the wilderness. It can turn a survival situation into a non-event. In recent years, service coverage has improved a lot. And while its reliable might still remain questionable, the phone can also serve as an electronic compass, GPS device, and a flashlight. However, the phone will be worthless when the battery is dead. So you must plan ahead of time on home to conserve its battery.


When you get lost in the wilderness, the best way to signal for help is with a whistle. By blowing your whistle requires less energy compared to shouting. Plus, the high pitch sound of the whistle can travel further than your voice.

These are just some of the items that you should include in your wilderness survival gear checklist. There are more stuff that you should include in your pack that includes a map of the area, compass, first aid kit, and a water bottle.